Tracking Testing with cookies and PHP links, beta test

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Posted on 13 August 2018

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Project Desciption

We need 4 people to test our website. The website involves processing transactions.

Freelancer requirements:

1. Be able to read and understand Simplified Chinese.
2. Freelancer and team must be located in China.
3. We will send funds to the Freelancer to use for testing in advance. The Freelancer does not have to spend any of his or her own money.
4. Each person must have 1 hour to test. We will pay 1 additional hour for incidental tasks and organization.

Detailed job description:

The project is 8 hours of work during one week. There is no renewal unless we decide to continue working with the Freelancer.

1. Agree to terms and conditions of project.
2. Accept our transaction for testing the website live.
3. Record the amount of time spent on the website.
4. No password or personal information is required.
5. Freelancer will be compensated for 8 hours of time once the testing is complete.

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