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  • Andrey Gzc


    3 years experience 1 project worked $20.00/hr $0 earned

    More than three years of programming experience several years of coursework in computer science or software programming

  • Norwood

    WordPress Expert

    4 years experience 0 projects worked $30.00/hr $0 earned

    We’ve been working for the last four years in digital marketing, with focus on SEO, PPC and content writing.

  • Obovi Grace


    2 years experience 0 projects worked $15.00/hr $0 earned

    Junior developer comfortable with SEO and links stack. 

  • Beruj

    Content maker

    7 years experience 0 projects worked $30.00/hr $0 earned

    I am happy to work for an hourly or per article rate and am very negotiable with regards to pay. Building my portfolio and making some great contacts out there is more important to me than how much money I may earn as writing is my passion and my life, not just a career.

  • Collins V.


    6 years experience 0 projects worked $25.00/hr $0 earned

    I am a professional designer with over 6 years of experience in CSS, HTML, Javascript. I’m looking to work on challenging projects which allows me to take my skills to the next level. I am very passionate about developing web application with an eye for simplicity and great user experience. The satisfaction of my client is important for me.

  • Roberto G


    5 years experience 0 projects worked $30.00/hr $0 earned

    Over the last 5 years, I have built many sites and gained a wealth of experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. I am also a professional graphic designer and theme developer. I am available 8-10 hours a day and create values for you with high-quality work. I really want long term relationship with you, so we can create value. Contact me anytime you want, then I will be there! Thanks.

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